PMKVY stands for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana which is a part of the initiative “Skill India” which was taken by the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to help the youth of India, learn and excel in a number of skills. It was launched on 15th July 2015 and has been in effect since then. It actually provides youth with an opportunity to raise their standards of working and improve their abilities and efficiency. India is a country with the most youth population in the world and youth are indeed the future of the country. They need to be properly trained and skilled so as to become an asset for themselves as well as the nation. PMKVY aims to achieve the same. This scheme also gives the students and other people enrolled rewards to motivate them further. This scheme intends to increase the employment rate as well.

This has generated good opportunities for the otherwise unskilled people. This initiative has set the target as year 2022 and claims to provide trained individuals and people with better skill sets. A major proportion of the youth in India has been lacking resources to improve their skills and abilities and in absence of any mentor, they fail to exploit their potential to the fullest. This has been a crucial reason for why India is still lagging behind. This scheme is being implementedto the core in the areas where youth needs support and has been instrumental in providing various learning and employment opportunities to the drop outs and less educated people in Bihar, UP, and other states.